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Offering our unique Transformation Studio and Online Training Services

The DBPT Transformation Studio -                                  the Unprecedented Personal Training Service

In today's demanding world we have fallen foul of convenient and nutrition-deficient foods and time to devote to keeping ourselves fit and healthy.  

What little time we do have for ourselves is precious (and we know this as much as anybody); so if we are to give some of this valuable time to train our bodies we need every gym visit to be efficient and effective.

Our Transformation Studio does just that; providing an Unlimited Personal Training Service, a Bespoke Fitness App and unique Circuit Style Boot Camp sessions all within a standard monthly fee.

Training in a big box gym environment can be overwhelming and cause anxiety issues for many people - not at DBPT, you will always be met with a smile every time you enter our Transformation Studio, and in fact we can help you with anxiety by strengthening your mind and body.

Why choose DBPT?

Losing weight, gaining muscle, getting toned, becoming fitter, stronger and healthier – whatever your goal, it can seem like a tall order.  We offer comprehensive support to our clients that no other training establishment offers, all for just £50.00 per month.

Your monthly fee includes:-

  • Fully qualified and highly experienced Personal Trainers on hand every time you visit
  • Full use of DBPT's fully integrated Training App, complete with bespoke workout plans and video tutorials, allowing you to track your progress
  • Access to our Circuit Boot Camp Sessions, running 3 days a week

And unlike mainstream gyms there is no joining fee.

Consistency is key; and at DBPT Transformation Studio we are with you every step of the way, guiding and supporting you to reach your goals.  With the use of the DBPT training app (with in-built group chat page and direct messaging to our Personal Trainers), integration with MyFitnessPal, and an exceptional Personal Trainer on hand every time you visit the Studio - 

why wouldn't you choose DBPT? 

Why DBPT delivers results

How many gym users do you see pounding that treadmill or peddling that bike session after session, like a form of punishment?  Getting fit does not have to be that way, and in actual fact delivers limited results.  At DBPT we know how to train you effectively, that’s why we’ve designed our studio with specific equipment suited to our method of training, which we know delivers optimum results for our clients.  Our Studio exudes positivity and warmth - and it won't take you long to realise you've made the right choice.

We are the “angel on your shoulder” helping you to stay on track.

DBPT – Giving new meaning to Personal Training:

Do you know someone who has joined a gym full of hope and motivation, only to lose their way and end up not going, while their bank account is happily parting with their membership fee month on month?

Sadly, we have seen this so many times.  We want everyone who makes the commitment to get fitter and healthier to get the best from every workout at our Studio and stay motivated; which is why we have included our DBPT Fitness Tracking App.  This consists of carefully selected exercises which are proven to be most effective for transforming the body, which can be conveniently organised into workout plans.  It links to other Apps such as MyFitnessPal and you can also record those Circuit Boot Camp Sessions you will be notching up!  We can also included a range of effective Home Workouts for the times when you just can’t get to the Studio to help keep you on track.  What’s more the App is overseen by our Personal Trainers, so they know exactly what to assist you with every time you visit!

The Transformation Studio is run by Darren Baker and his son Kade (who has followed with great passion in his father’s footsteps) becoming one of the youngest people to qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and nutrition adviser.

We are not to be confused with a mainstream gym.  Our Studio is designed to train concentrated numbers effectively in a friendly environment without the hustle and bustle of a mainstream gym,

providing you with a quality workout and a real sense of achievement every time you leave the Studio.

How to find us

We are conveniently located off the A12, just 15 minutes from Colchester/10 minutes from Ipswich.

dbPT Transformation Studio and Boot Camp - 19 Friars, Capel St Mary, Suffolk IP9 2XS  Telephone: 07866 567217

Studio opening times:                                 

Monday - Friday:  06:30 - 21:00                                  

Saturday : 08:00 - 18:00

Sunday: 08:00 - 16:00                                   

Why our membership adds up:

We know that you can join a mainstream gym for £20 per month, have access to a wide range of machines and rows of cardio equipment.  But to really get the most from your membership you need to know how to exercise effectively, which equipment promotes the best results and how to progress your training. For that you do need a good Personal Trainer, and the average hire rate for a Personal Trainer is £35 per hour.  The table below illustrates what fantastic value for money a DBPT Membership is :-

Per month comparison

Mainstream Gym

dbPT Membership

Monthly membership


£50.00 (inc. Fitness Tracking App)

Personal Trainer (once a week)


£0.00 (available every session)

Boot Camp/Circuit (once a week)


£0.00 (3 sessions per week)




If you hire a Personal Trainer just once a month, it will still cost more than a DBPT membership.  There are also expensive joining fees and lengthy tie-in contracts with mainstream gyms, some as long as six months.  At DBPT we only require 1 months’ notice and there is no joining fee; but we’re confident that once you join us, you won’t want to leave!


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Experience a free dbPT Transformation Session!  Just come along, check out our facilities, we'll answer any questions you may have and leave it to you to decide the way forward.  Absolutey no hard sell - that's not what we're about.


Transformation Studio/Boot Camp Membership 



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What happens next?

Once payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of your payment, and a further email with details of how to sign in to your personalised App, and instructions to complete your PAR-Q and Consultation Form.  Once we have this back from you we will prepare your training program for you. 

Make use of our knowledge and experience in Personal Training to ensure that you start RIGHT.  Physical improvement requires commitment and efficient planning and without this you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Improving your body is definitely not about going to the gym and undertaking masses of cardio; there are so many other aspects which contribute to general fitness and well-being - and this is what we focus on.

Improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance; subtle changes to nutritional habits will extend your lifespan; small adjustments to physical activity will improve your body's efficiency to maintain a healthy weight long term.

Everyone could benefit from the knowledge and use of a Personal Trainer. For some, the gym environment is daunting prospect, whilst for others, it is an all too familiar place where results are no longer achieved.  DBPT provides an exceptional service tailored to your specific requirements, in a friendly and calm environment.   

Food for thought  

If your goal is centred around weight loss you’ve come to the right place.

One of the biggest passions driving dbPT is diet and nutrition; that’s why at dbPT we largely focus on providing our clients with diet advice which promotes weight loss together with long-term wellbeing and longevity. Our diets play a huge part in how we look and feel, and at dbPT we know that to eat right we have to get the mind right.

dbPT specialises in promoting good eating habits, tackling behavourial issues associated with diet and providing advice on how to eat - all at our private Nutrition Consultations here at the Studio. You will also be given our diet and consultation guide, healthy tips for fat loss, and advice on how to log your daily food intake utilising a diet App which integrates with our fitness App.

As is standard with any service provided by dbPT, you will get full support, motivation and guidance from our Personal Trainers whilst on your own personal journey.

For more information about the dbpt App please click here